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{Na}Pokemaster{Ldr} / Jun 26, 2013 top ten minecraft songs by mikeyx3000 and the trollsong for 10 hours if you hit the back arrow. 358/2 days opening. breath by beast. gentleman by psy. harlem shake original. of monsters and men little talks lyrics. dumb ways to die in video games. re coded intro. black butler intro. pokemon songs.

Breath by Beast/B2ST
Halo by Block B
One Shot by B.A.P
Run by MBLAQ
What's Going On by B1A4
I'm Sorry by Beast/B2ST
V.I.U by Beast/B2ST
Bad Girl bt Beast/B2ST
No Joke by Block B

eminem - lose yourself Link:
Hollywood undead - dead bite:
kendrick lamar - blow my high:
the game - hate it or love it:
the game - the city:
eminem - till i collapse:
eminem the way i am (shota remix):

If you can't open the link, copy paste it then, lazy!